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31 August 2009 @ 02:17 pm
So Buzzer Beat 7's 1280 raw came out extremely late... and by extremely I mean a day before episode 8 is gonna air _o_ I've been waiting for days just to encode >_< But nonetheless it will be up in about an hour. Thanks to everyone who has been so patient. I know it's not fun waiting and heck even the team was waiting for this raw so that we can get the episode out to you guys. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it ^^ I know I sure have no matter how many times I had to watch it XD
Let me just say this now because I know someone is gonna bring it up. Episode 7 will NOT include the karaoke. The song is playing at a very crucial part of a scene and I'm not gonna put it in to ruin the mood. So yes, karaoke is excluded from this episode =p and probably any other episode which plays the song at a crucial scene.
Anyways, I'm just glad that we're past the halfway mark for this drama.

But... just a big heads up for everyone, I have two vacations coming up. The weekend of September 22 and 29th. I will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta and then next weekend I will be at New York Anime Festival. That happens to fall on weekends for episodes 10 and 11 _o_ yes... grumble if you wish. I will be working closely with the team to ensure that we get these last two episodes out as close to schedule as possible. I can already tell you that they will not come out on time. Earliest would probably be Tuesday for both those weeks.

And as far as Oretachi wa Tenshi da! goes, episode 1 has been released. We're getting ready to finalize episode 2. Please keep in mind this is a non-priority project. Half the staff is also working on Buzzer Beat and that drama takes priority over this one. You may grab the direct links from the forum. If you are looking for torrents, the episodes will be coupled together and released (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc.).

And still no go for Ningen just yet... everyone is so busy _o_ we'll see once BB is over with.

24 August 2009 @ 12:06 am
Well we have reached episode 6 without too many problems (thank gawd). Episode 6 have been released and then tomorrow I will be putting up a batch torrent on D-Addicts for episodes 1v2 through 6. I would so appreciate it if people would help seed ^_^

Of course I really would like to thank everyone for their support. I really think Love Song has some of the most sincere and devoted viewers out there. Since we started releasing BB the way we have been, I haven't found any of our stuff online in "unappropriate" places. So a big big big thank you to you guys. I really can't even express in just words how much this means to me and the rest of the team.

Don't forget, you can follow our progress on our twitter feed. I try to update that as often as I can and just let you guys know what's going on and if there will be any delays along the way. Delays just can't be helped sometimes but at least people will be aware and so they're not sitting at home, anxiously awaiting a file that may not come out for days =p

Also as far as Oretachi wa Teshi da! goes, I'm trying my best to get that out as soon as I can. I thought I'd have it out by last week but for some reason last week turned out to be such an impossible and busy week for me. Right now I'm really feeling under the weather and trying my best to catch up on rest before working on that. Getting through the BB6 QC already killed me today since I was literally falling asleep during it XD Give me a couple of days and I should have an ep out for you guys. Everything is done, it just needs the final QC and encode.
07 August 2009 @ 10:34 am
Since twitter is still down right now and I don't want to change the dramawiki like 5 different times, here's a quickie update. ...but don't forget that we do have a twitter!!!

Buzzer Beat 4's translation is already done. I'm just waiting on the rest of the timed files which should come in in a few hours... of I hope they will XD I'm still hoping for an early release (meaning that it will be released before the next episode airs).

Oretachi wa Tenshi da! episodes 1 and 2 have been translated and timed. We are in the process of picking out the fonts and stuff for it now. Theme songs won't be translated... just because the singer irked our translator Rei XD hahaha!! but that's alright because I really don't have the free time to do a karaoke for it anyway.
02 August 2009 @ 12:00 am
You can find my rantings updates now on twitter! Some of you know I loooove to update, but I don't want to post a billion times on here. And of course people don't always check dramawiki for the latest updates. Now you can hear me and my big mouth on twitter where I can give you guys real-time updates on all of our projects! ^_^ I for one am excited about this because it really gives me the opportunity to tell you guys what's going on as the team is working on all these projects for you. Also, this way you don't necessarily have to read my long posts here! You'll get everything as it happens through twitter ^_^


I was also thinking about possibly starting a facebook page for those who want to chitty chat with me and maybe some of the team members. If anyone would be interested in such a thing, please let me know.

As some of you know, and some that don't know, we've really kicked production up a notch this week with FIVE releases - Buzzer Beat 1-3, RESCUE 9, and Isshun no Kaze ni Nare 4. Happy downloading!

29 July 2009 @ 07:41 pm
I wanna first off thank everyone for sending positive vibes my way for I certainly needed it (and still need it). Even though the worse seem to have passed, I'm once again sitting here with another, yes another, toothache but it doesn't hurt so much that I'm ready to beg a dentist to help me ^^;; But anyways, my dad was nice enough to get the XP disc down to me so I can get Windows XP back up and running on my desktop computer. Only thing really wrong is that the sound is messed up in a way O.o Makes it a tad difficult to fansub, but whatever, I'll figure it out later.

Much thanks to all who have been so absolutely patient, and also those who know how to look for information before asking questions. I can't tell you how annoying that is. Someone would ask a question in one post... but the answer is in the post right UNDER the one they're posting in _o_ I would like to think I keep this community pretty informed about what's going on... if only people would take the time to just LOOK.

But for those wondering about Buzzer Beat, I have discussed it over with the other project leads. We will NOT put the files up on d-addicts until we get to the half way mark, meaning we will release two batch torrents. We will continue to release the files individually on Love Song Forums until we get to that mark. I would like to ask that everyone NOT post on LJ about our releases and NOT put up other direct links. Many subbers have closed off membership and pretty much made it extremely difficult for people to obtain their files. We would not like to do that. However we're getting backed into a corner as well. Hopefully this way we won't be finding our files on streaming media sites as much. On behalf of the entire digital staff at Love Song, we ask that you guys please just help us out and not publically mention that we are releasing our files and where to find them. It's fine if you tell your friends, but don't tell the world. This announcement is as public as it should get. This is also the last time I will mention where to find the files. If you miss this, we'll you're just outta luck then.

Aside from Buzzer Beat, with the desktop running again, the final episode of RESCUE has now been released. That concludes our work on that project.

Next thing to do is finish up the last episode of Isshun no Kaze ni Nare. We finally have our one translator/quality check back so that's full speed ahead. Expect that out in hopefully a few days.

After that, we will be re-assembling a team for Ningen Shikkaku. People come and go, people lose interest while others pick it up. I can't say how fast this project will move but I'm determined to move it.

And of course we still have Oretachi wa Tenshi da! I'm very excited to work on this project, more so than any of our current projects. This is a non-priority project. Please keep that in mind; there is no deadline, meaning the staff will work on it on our spare time. The team for this project is small compared to the full scale staff of Buzzer Beat with 8 people. We have yet to decide on how to release this project but more than likely it will be released like Buzzer Beat, but probably with more frequent d-addicts releases for we don't actually know how many episodes this series has.