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ls_productions's Journal

Love Song Productions
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Updates for Love Song Productions


WELCOME! ls_productions is for updates and archives only! Our main site is Love Song Forums - http://www.lovesongforums.com / http://s15.invisionfree.com/lovesong. There will be no downloads available at this community. This would only serve for updating purposes. As to why we don't offer the downloads here is because we don't want leechers! Love Song Productions worked hard to release these projects so it's only sane for you to join the forum and participate there. It is just more convenient to have a LJ community because as we know many netizens rely on LJ communities for resources.


Love Song Productions is the fansubbing team from Love Song Forums, a board dedicated to Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi). It was founded by Mai and Helen on January 16, 2006. Later on during the month of March, it was decided that Love Song should have a fansubbing team. The team focuses on dramas starring actors from Johnny's Jimusho and producing high quality hardsubs. The members of the team are chosen from a list of volunteers from the forum itself who take much pride in representing Love Song and to bring the drama community the best quality subs possible.

At the end of July 2007, because of our evergrowing digital staff, we have decided that the group will also tackle television clips and whole episodes pertaining to Yamapi and Johnny's. These clips/episodes/extras are privately released, meaning they are not released to the general public. You will not find them on any LJ communities or websites. As of 2008, we have decided that there are way too many subbers out there who sub clips only. We only end up unintentionally stepping on their toes. We'll stick with subbing dramas and movies.


Only Love Song staff is allowed to upload LS files on trackers/bittorrent.

For dramas, we do allow direct links, etc. to be shared among friends and communities as long as the file remains unaltered and credited to Love Song Productions (not LS or LSP). If you change the file to .mp4 or .rm or have changed the file name for example, you have altered the file.

For clips, they are absolutely not to be shared outside of the Love Song Forums and JEkizuna Clubbox. It creates trouble within the fansubbing community since subbing clips is really a gray area. Some subbers follow the rules and guidelines for subbing dramas and apply it to clips while others do not. In order not to step on anyone's toes, we have decided to release them privately. Please respect that and do not put our clips up anywhere else.

Absolutely NO UPLOADING on streaming media sites including but not limited to Youtube, Google, Veoh, iFilm, Crunchyroll, Daily Motion. Why do you think all these Japanese companies are looking for stuff to delete, and accounts getting suspended left and right?! Like 10,000 hits per file don't draw attention... -_- Don't get us in trouble!

Selling our projects is definitely prohibited. If you wish to obtain a copy of our project, please contact a member of the subbing team. FREE FANSUB BY FANS FOR FANS. Making money off of our projects in ANY way is prohibited.


There are 3 available sources to download from:
- Love Song Forums (DDL)
- D-Addicts (Torrent)
- JEKizuna (Clubbox)

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